Create sweet memories, and celebrate with our new Loukoumades!  

Loukoumades, the famous Greek sweet, is now the new donuts. With the crisp golden texture on the outside and soft heart inside, these small bites of happiness are made to create sweet memories. 

Try our New Recipe on the 22nd of May:

The loukoumades dough is very basic, made mainly of yeast, sugar, all-purpose flour, olive oil, and milk. But inside the ingredient’s simplicity, one finds all the flavors and combinations that remind us of a leisurely Sunday morning. Anyone can try the traditional Mediterranean sweet at any OPA branch or order them by delivery on our website.

The toppings 

Any hour of the day fits for a bite of scrumptious deep-fried drizzled!  At OPA, you can have them served with granulated sugar, honey, Nutella, or pistachio
cream, and for a touch of crunchiness, dried fruits on chosen.  Celebrate our 3rd anniversary with our new loukoumades recipe!
We are happy to share the new recipe on our 3rd anniversary in any OPA store with our clients. 

Come and try them; it’s on the house